Starting Friday October 30, 2020, we will reopen for the five daily prayers and Friday congregation (Jumua) at both ISBCC (Roxbury) and ISB Cambridge masjids. However, considering the recent COVID-19 outbreak that caused the closure, we are implementing more strict measures that must be followed by all congregants as well as our team:

  • There will be one Friday congregation in each of the ISBCC and ISB Cambridge masjids.
  • We are rolling back the maximum occupancy at the ISBCC to [180] and [65] at ISB Cambridge. We will have to turn away any congregants arriving after the capacity is reached. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Doors open at 12:30PM, the sermon starts at 1:00.
  • At least 90% of the capacity must be through online registration. No more than 10% will be allowed to attend without registration.
  • Every member of the household who wants to attend must register their name. Please do not bring children.
  • Check in will be done at outside the building doo. Six-feet markers are placed in the parking lot to form a line. Please stick to them.
  • Please be patient while our security team takes every congregant’s temperature at the door and asks them about symptoms. Individuals with high temperature will be turned away (please don’t take it personal)
  • Prayer space will be divided between men and women according to the number of each who registered.

All congregants, please, you must:

  • Stay home if you have any symptoms of illness.
  • Bring your own prayer rugs.
  • Wear a face mask to cover your mouth and nose the entire time of your presence in the masjid.
  • Be already on ablution (wudu). One bathroom will be reserved for emergency sickness-related cases.
  • Please leave immediately after the prayer and not gather outside the mosque.
  • Completely avoid handshaking, hugging, and all forms of physical contact.
  • Enter and exit only from the designated parking lot doors. Please follow directions to enter from one of the parking lot doors and exit from the other door. Front doors will remain closed.
  • Stick to the social distancing floor markers and leave immediately after the obligatory prayer.

Reopening Plan:

  1. Update all existing signs
  2. Maintain sanitization stations as follows: 1 at entrance, 1 at exit, 1 in front office, 1 at mimbar, four scattered throughout main prayer area, and 2 in ladies section 2nd floor
  3. Reduce the number of attendees to 180. 160 must register, allow 20 spots for walk-ins
  4. Record contacts of all walk-ins
  5. Check-in outside the building door (provide tent in case of rain), handled by security.
  6. Security to strictly enforce occupancy limit.
  7. Strictly enforce safety rules
  8. Post rules on displays
  9. Inform khateeb to mention importance of adhering to rules at the end of the khutba
  10. Include the COVID appeal in the after khutba announcement
  11. Organize exit protocol (row by row). Khateeb to instruct congregants. Muazzin to do the same after prayer. Security to enforce.
  12. Continuously update online and social media communication
  13. We are looking into purification systems.