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Thank you for your interest in fundraising at the ISB masajid. As the largest Islamic Center in New England, the ISBCC has a wide and diverse audience of potential donors. This Ramadan the ISB is committed to a culture of giving as modeled by our Prophet (SAW). We are looking to maximize the number of organizations or masajid committed to important causes having access to our community, while at the same time inspiring our community, and ensuring ISB itself has sufficient resources to sustain itself. We receive significantly more external fundraising requests than we can accommodate, so we apologize if we are not able to accommodate your organization during this special month, so we may request that you defer until later in the year.
To achieve the above vision, we are making a number of critical changes this Ramadan:

  1. There will be no mic pitch this year. Rather, our Imam will be making a very brief announcement after Ishaa of the organizations seeking support and encouraging our jammat to give generously as they leave taraweeh.
  2. Your organization will have a table in the ISBCC lobby during Taraweeh nights. It is through the lobby that all isha/taraweeh attendees enter and exit for prayers. Our hope is that you will meaningfully engage worshippers in conversation as they leave and inspire them to give to your cause. On any given night, only 1 organization will have a table. Set up starts 30 minutes before Taraweeh.
  3. If interested in sponsoring a full Iftar (excluding Khatm night and the odd nights of the Last 10 Days), your organization can have a separate table for that night, beginning from before Iftar until the end of Taraweeh of that night. Please note your preferred date in your request. ISB will not take any percentage of the monies/pledges you collect.

The ISB considers three principal criteria when evaluating whether to permit an organization to fundraise at the ISBCC. Priority is given to those organizations (and their causes) that meet these criteria fully:

  1. Alignment with the ISBCC’s mission and core values
  2. Affiliation with the ISBCC (e.g. partnership institution) and/or of concern/interest to a sizable portion of our congregants/local community.
  3. A cause that is often underfunded or rarely gets attention.

Typicaly, preference is given on a first-come basis. Please complete all fields in this form for consideration for a tabling opportunity. Please complete and include the items identified in the checklist on the form.

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