Parking Permit

Welcome to ISBCC’s Monthly Parking Permit page! Here you’ll find information about purchasing a monthly parking pass at ISBCC. Use this page to find information about rates and regulations, to apply for a permit, and pay for your permit.

Please read information below carefully.


Daily Rate Monthly Rate Monthly Rate
(Student Discount 20% off)
Garage (Ideal for those going out of town) $6/day $150.00 $120.00
Parking Lot (Ideal for commuters) $6/day

(5 days/ week)

(4 days/ week)

(3 days/week)

(2 days/week)

(5 days/week)

(4 days/week)

(3 days week)

(2 days/week)

Contact with additional questions about rates

Rules & Guidelines

Important – Please read carefully

  • PERMIT: Your permit will be ready in 1 week from the date you submit your form
  • DAMAGES: ISBCC is not responsible for any damages to the vehicle either in the garage or in the parking lot
  • REPAIR: If your car is in need of repair (jump-start, flat tire, etc) that requires resources from ISBCC (including time of repair), a $20.00 donation is suggested
  • Garage Parking
    • OVERSTAY: If you overstay your allotted permit time, you will be charged an additional $5.00 per day, charged to the credit card you made a purchase on
    • KEYS: You must leave your keys at ISBCC whenever you are not present with the car
    • PICKUP OUTSIDE BUSINESS HOURS: If picking up your car outside of business hours, you must sign-out your car with the security desk
    • KEEP CAR IN GARAGE: If you are leaving your vehicle in the garage, it must stay in the garage the duration of the agreed time period. It cannot be removed and re-parked within that time period
  • Parking Lot
    • NO OVERNIGHT PARKING: Vehicles cannot be parked overnight. All vehicles must be removed before ISBCC’s closing time (one hour after Isha) until opening time (Fajr time), or they will be towed. Click here for prayer timings
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