For a quick and efficient response, please reach out to the ISBCC Team through email.

To speak to a person, please call our office at 617-858-6114 between 10 am – 8pm Monday through Friday or stop by in person.

  • Programs and Administration

    Sr. Nada Mheiny – Senior Manager

  • Office & Donor Relations

    Sr. Souad Chafiki

  • Operations and Technology

    Br. Ibrahim Omar – operations integration analyst

  • Community Programs

    Br. Karim Arazzaz

  • Safety & Security

    Br. Hakeem Keel (lead)

  • Facilities

    Br. Redwan Abdella (lead)
    Br. Ricardo
    Br. Abdulla
    Sr. Aisha

  • ISB Board
    of Trustees

    Br. Anwar Kazmi
    Dr. Osama Kandil
    Dr. Yousef Abou Allaban
    Br. Saoud Al-Hafi
    Dr. Walid Fitaihi
    Sr. Elisabeth (Liz) Ismail
    Sr. Eman Morgan
    Dr. Mir Shuttari

  • ISB Board
    of Directors

    Br. Muneer Ahmed
    Br. Ali Liban
    Sr. Sahar Rehman
    Sr. Hanan Bahnasi
    Br. Tanvir Hussain

  • About Us

    To learn more about the ISBCC click here

  • Our Spiritual Team

    Our team can be reached at imams@isbcc.org

  • Contact Us

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