Special event Justice for All 7pm @ISBCC Friday 9/29 | Please make dua’a for all those suffering in Libya, Morocco, Sudan and around the world.  Please make donations directly through Islamic Relief USA or Penny Appeal| Join us for a series by Dr. Khalil AbdurRasheed on family, spousal, & children matters every Saturday at 7 PM until December |
Parking lots at ISBCC and ISB Cambridge are reserved for the elderly, families with kids, and handicapped ONLY. All others must park at RCC Parking Lot 2 |

Prayer Times

Fajr5:30 am | 5:50 amDhuhr12:33 pm | 12:45 pmAsr3:47 pm | 4:05 pm
Maghrib6:21 pm | 6:26 pmIsha7:37 pm | 7:55 pmKhutbah1:00 pm
Click here for monthly prayer times. ISBCC Sunday Dhuhr at 1pm due to Sunday School


Sahar A. Mattar
Masha'Allah, may Allah reward you all for your generous work and effort you contribute to glorify this masjid.
Deeqa Hersi
Masha allaha jasaakalahu khayra to all who work in the Masjid and all the people who support.
Rooh Ullah
Lovely and full of peaceful people place ISBCC is ❤️


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