Eid Mubarak! May the faith, sacrifice and perseverance demonstrated by Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) (AS)  serve as an example to unite all those of faith to stand for justice and humanity.   May Allah SWT give strength and steadfastness to all families suffering through hunger, violence and oppression anywhere in the world.  May He enlighten our leaders to face oppression and injustice here and around the world, help us build coalitions of the righteous and humane | Congratulations to the Boston Celtics as exemplars of unity and perseverance | May He reward you and your families for your generosity and support for Muslim institutions including ISB | Ample Parking for ISBCC in RCC lots- save space in the masjid lots for elderly, handicapped – illegally parked cars will be towed.

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Sahar A. Mattar
Masha'Allah, may Allah reward you all for your generous work and effort you contribute to glorify this masjid.
Deeqa Hersi
Masha allaha jasaakalahu khayra to all who work in the Masjid and all the people who support.
Rooh Ullah
Lovely and full of peaceful people place ISBCC is ❤️


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