Special needs



The Islamic Society of Boston is committed to welcoming and supporting all members of our community equally. We believe a better society for persons with disabilities is a better society for all. To improve our services to those with disabilities, ISB is supporting and partnering with MUHSEN, Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs (https://muhsen.org) in their efforts to help families with Special Needs. MUHSEN provides a range of programs and services across North America to improve the experience within mosques, and engender positive communities for those with disabilities. MUHSEN also certifies Masajid which work towards accommodating special needs community members.

We want to know the requirements of Special Need Families in our community. If you have a family member with Special Needs, please click on the link below to fill out a Needs Assessment Survey. If you know of a family in our community, who has a family member with special needs, please forward the survey link to them. To better serve our community’s needs we want to hear from you. Please Note that your response will be used only by MUHSEN staff. Your identity will be kept confidential. Our Privacy Policy for your information at https://muhsen.org/privacy-policy/

MUHSEN is also seeking compassionate volunteers to provide respite for families in their community. Male and Female volunteers needed nationwide!

Respite care is providing temporary rest from caregiver duties. Caregivers of individuals with special needs often experience burnout. Caregivers frequently miss family and community functions as a result of not having anyone to care for their loved one with special needs. MUHSIN has prepared a short training module for anyone in this situation.

Want to Volunteer for MUHSEN? Sign up here