Committees are the backbone of the organization and are the primary mechanism to manage and drive initiatives at ISB with support of the community. We have two types of committees Advisory and Operating. Advisory Committees provide professional expertise and guidance as needed to ISB in areas such as HR, healthcare, Legal and Technology, Operating committees help define, lead and execute programs and run the center. Our Board of Directors and staff, led by our Executive Director, work as part of the committees to ensure programs align with our mission, are well coordinated, have resources to succeed, and deliver excellence results.

Committees cover

  • Education
  • Religious Programs
  • Youth
    Social Services
  • Communications/PR
  • Public Sector Collaboration
  • Interfaith
  • Technology
  • Facilities and Maintenance
  • Landscaping and Gardens

New committees may be created as needed.

Each committee will have either a volunteer board member or a staff member, a chair, and 3-7 members. Committees report periodically to the Board of Directors or Executive Director and have defined charters.

If you are interested in joining a committee, please send an email stating your interest, a summary of your qualifications, either resume, your LinkedIn profile or short bio, to

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