Grow with ISB


1 Purpose

The ISBCC offers internships for high school and college students to gain hands-on professional experience providing meaningful services to the Muslim community.

2 Scope

This program typically offers opportunities in AV/media support, marketing, information services, human resources, photography, program coordination, and community engagement.

Internships are typically part-time (up to 20 hours per week). Potential areas to work on:

  1. AV / Media support: support events and the AV infrastructure, live streaming, video editing
  2. Community Engagement: desiging and delivering programs with our team, from interfaith to art, history and social services
  3. Photography/Videography: capturing events, and creating media for reports, website, and social media
  4. Social Media and Digital Marketing: creating on-line content, advertising, and engagement with our community
  5. Business Development: support fundraising, grant writing and other ways to help sustain ISB operations
  6. Program Management: develop project management skills, tracking progress, coordinating, communicating and ultimately delivering on ISB religious, social and educational programs
  7. Communications & Graphic Design: build the ISB brand with compelling and creative graphic designs
  8. Office Management: provided administrative help in the office field inquiries from community members via email and phone,
  9. 3 Who Should Apply

    Our program is aimed for current and prospective undergraduate students who are able to commit at least 3 months to their assignment. The ideal intern would have demonstrated interest in their field and non-profits, and starting to explore their career options.

    4 How to Apply

    Either use the form below or send a resume and cover letter to expressing what you would like to accomplish at ISB, and how you are uniquely qualified to do so. Highlight your passions and key accomplishments, and how you know about ISB including any past volunteering or work experience you feel is particularly relevant. Also indicate your availability (timing) and ability to work on site in either Cambridge or Roxbury

5 Benefits for Interns

The ISBCC internships are typically unpaid, and offer several benefits including:
1. Opportunity to solve real life problems for a diverse community in a high visibility setting.
2. Professional experience to enrich their résumés, professional references.
3. Potential for coursework credits depending upon the institution.
4. Exposure to the Muslim community with its cultural diversity and complex needs and challenges.
5. Networking opportunities within the Muslim community.
6. Preference when applying for permanent jobs (if available) after graduation.

6 Duration

ISBCC offers internship year-round; with a minimum of three months.

7 Internship Terms

As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, the interns are not regular employees as:
1. there is no expectation of compensation,
2. ISBCC does not guarantee a job at the end of the internship,
3. the intern is the “primary beneficiary” of the relationship—the internship accommodates the intern’s academic commitments and provides beneficial learning opportunities, and
4. the intern’s work does not replace the work of paid employees.

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