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“The most beloved of deeds to Allah are the most consistent of them” [Al-Bukhari]

Sustainers' Program is our treasured community of monthly donors. The safest, simplest, and most effective way to support the ISB/CC community.

Sustainers are committed individuals who contribute what they can, from wherever in the world they are, and they represent the diversity of our beloved Community. Their investment is critical to furthering ISBCC’s vision of sustainability & self-sufficiency.

Sustainers commit themselves to give a certain amount on a regular monthly basis. We have Sustainers who give as much as $1 to a $1000 dollars per month, with an average of $50 per month. It only takes as low as the cost of a cup of coffee.

When you sustain by donating monthly you help us cover the cost of continuing our work.

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In previous years, Sustainers contributed to the overall ISBCC budget. However, starting this year we would like to dedicate Sustainers giving to meet the ISBCC’s Facilities budget – utilities, repairs, and Facilities staff – so that taking care of masjid essentials is guaranteed. Our goal in this Sustainers’ March Campaign is to cover 50% of our Facilities budget of $300,000.

Join us in achieving our sustainable vision! Please sign up to become an ISBCC Sustainer! If you already are a Sustainer, please consider increasing your monthly contribution and asking your friends and family to become Sustainers. May Allah reward you for supporting the ISBCC - a masjid committed to Living Prophetically.

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