The ISBCC is a uniquely diverse community that spans across age, race, socio-economic backgrounds.

  • 6464 of the world’s nationalities are represented
  • Women45% of regular attendees are women
  • 6460% of regular attendees are under the age of 35
  • Converts20% are converts
  • Jumma1,400 worshippers attend the weekly Friday prayer
  • Halaqa200 attend the weekly halaqa
  • Eid10,000 congregants during Eid al-Fitr
  • Taraweeh500+ nightly taraweeh worshipers during Ramadan

About the Sustainers

At the heart of the ISBCC is a deeply devoted community, the ISBCC Sustainers. Sustainers provide a beautiful richness to the center, giving back for the sake of Allah (swt) in more ways than one.

Sustainers are committed individuals who contribute financially on a regular monthly basis. Their investment is critical to furthering ISBCC’s vision of fostering an inclusive community and supports programming rooted in our faith values.

Currently 500 Sustainers give monthly sadaqah (at any amount), give their voice on key ISBCC decisions at our Sustainers Quarterly Meetings and have been at the forefront of major ISBCC projects and initiatives, including the Imam Search Committee, spearheading the 99 Names of Allah class, and many more.

To learn more, please visit the ISBCC Sustainers page.

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