Taraweeh Registration

Taraweeh Prayers Sign-up. Every member of the household who wants to attend MUST register separately. Bring QR code!

About this Event

How to Register for Taraweeh and Nightly Prayers:

In line with the CDC guidelines, alhamdulillah, we are blessed to announce the opening of ISB doors to welcome our beloved community members and families to the House of Allah (SWT) for Taraweeh and Nightly Prayers.

Taraweeh Prayer at ISBCC and ISB Cambridge, will start right after Isha prayer. Eight Rakā€™ats will be offered with a Half Juz every night with Shafa and Witr prayer as well. The prayer will be streamed live from both locations on our social media plate forms (Facebook, ISBCC website and YouTube). Tahajjud is planned in the last 10 nights.

All attendees must bring their own face masks and are mandated to wear them at all times during and after the prayer. Temperatures will be checked at the door. You must bring your own prayer rug.

ISBCC is located at 100 Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury MA

ISB Cambridge is located at 204 Prospect Street, Cambridge MA

Please note dates and milk will be served every day at both locations at Iftar time. Followed by Maghrib Prayer.


1. A new form will open every day. https://isbcc.org/taraweeh-registration/

2. Every member of the household who wants to attend MUST register separately.

3. Important! You MUST bring a copy of the QR code (barcode) included in your email confirmation on your receipt; this can be either via your phone or printed out ticket so we are able to check you in. Once the building capacity has been reached, we will be unable to let additional people in.

4. Please DO NOT come to the masjid if you are experiencing cold-like symptoms, or have been in close physical contact with anyone, including family members, who have been experiencing cold like signs or symptoms.

5. This form could be closed before if the maximum registrants for brothers and sisters capacity is reached. Please register beforehand.

6. Dates and Milk will be served every day at both locations to break fast.

7. Be already on ablution (wudu). Attendees are encouraged to come with wudu to reduce the use of wudu areas and bathrooms. However, wudu areas and bathrooms will remain open.

8. Stick to the social distancing floor markers. Prayer spaces will be marked with a six feet distance between worshipers.

9. We suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes early before the check-in time for quicker entry.