Programs & Services

Main Programs & services

  • You Are Not Alone. (YANA)
  • Iftar sponsorship donation initiative.
  • ISLAM 101
  • Quran Brothers Circles.
  • Quran Tajweed courses.
  • ISB marriage services.
  • Zakat calculator.
  • Community art programs.
  • Community sustainability and gardening club
  • Community book club.
  • Weekend school.
  • ISB internship program.

Programs & Services

  • International Cultural Festival

  • Celebrating Black History Month

  • Celebrating Hajj Season

  • “Quran Matters” With Khalil Abdur-Rashid . (More than 12 episodes)

  • ISB Talk Show with Amr Elfass (2 seasons). (More than 32 episodes)

  • ISB Peaceful Parenting program with Amal Noor. (More than 14 episodes)

  • ISB Art community interactive program with Nayma Islam

  • Celebrate Muhammad (PNUH) program with Hajj. Hisham Mahmoud.

  • Hajj program with Michael Wolf.

Community & Society Impact

  • Financial assistance Support more than 300 of our community members during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Provide more than 3,000 iftars during Ramadan

  • Distributed your udhiya of more than 852 of meat.

  • ISB community mask initiative and distributed more than 20,000

Intrafaith, Interfaith & Civic Outreach

  • Worked closely with area masajid to coordinate action in the face of COVID
  • Outreached to area masajid and opened Juma minbar to Greater Boston Scholars
  • Regularly attend interfaith forums around COVID action
  • Regularly attend state and Cities’ of Boston and Cambridge forums