ISB Cambridge and Roxbury are reopening for five daily prayers

Reopening Update, Clarifications, and FAQ

We are in constant consultation with other Masajid, scholars, and medical experts. Your safety and that of the community and society are paramount!

June 21st Update:

Both mosques are now open for the five daily prayers Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, both mosques will be open for Fajr, Maghrib, and Isha only.

June 17th Update:

Two weeks have passed since we started executing our phased reopening plan. Thanks to God and then to our community's cooperation and commitment to following all safety measures, the reopening plan has been going better than anticipated. Based on our staff's reports and community input, we are going forward with phase 3 much earlier than originally planned. ISBCC is now open for the five daily prayers Saturday to Thursday. ISB Cambridge is now open for Fajr, Dhuhr, and Asr Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, both mosques will be open for Fajr, Dhuhr, and Asr only.

June 9th Update:

After one week of opening for Dhuhr and Asr and much appreciated community understanding and cooperation, we decided to open the ISBCC for Fajr. We will update you as soon as ISB Cambridge is ready for the same.

June 3rd Update:

We would like to thank all community members who showed up for Dhuhr and Asr prayers today for their patience and cooperation. Thank you for helping us serve you and ensure your and everyone’s safety. Thank you for understanding why the re-opening restrictions are important and for coming prepared!

Unless explicitly specified, all the following applies to both Roxbury and Cambridge mosques.

Reminder of Instructions Summary:

  1. The mosque opens for the five daily prayers, except on Fridays: Fajr, Maghrib, and Isha only. Door opens 10 minutes before the Iqama time that is posted on our website. Only one congregational (jama'a) prayer.
  2. All congregants must leave immediately after the obligatory (fardh) prayer. Do not gather outside the mosque.
  3. No entry without a face covering and a personal prayer rug.
  4. No entry for anyone showing any cold-like signs or symptoms.
  5. Be already on ablution (wudu). Bathrooms and ablution areas remain closed.
  6. Entrance is only from the parking lot doors, so please follow directions to enter from one of the parking lot doors and exit from the other door.
  7. Front doors will remain closed.
  8. Stick to the social distancing floor markers.
  9. No children under 13.

Click here for the full original reopening plan and instructions

Important Advisory:

Of all the fatwas and the opinions on the reopening matter, we are most in agreement with this statement of the European Council of Moroccan Scholars,which other local scholars we consulted with also agree with. See the statement here in English and here in Arabic.

Considering that opinion, and although we will welcome all community members who come to pray at the times specified, we still advise you to come only if you are already out for your necessities and need a place to do your prayer and otherwise you would miss the prayer time.

If you are outside but will be able to be back home before missing prayer time, please pray at home.

If you are already home, please pray at home and leave the place for someone else who has to be outside and needs it. With social distancing rules, the prayer spots are now limited.

If you are over 65, have health issues, or belong to any other especially vulnerable population, please pray at the safety of your home.

Both mosques will be closed on Friday all day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do I need to register to attend prayer?

No. Attendance is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  1. Can I stay in the mosque after I pray?

No. Please leave immediately after finishing your obligatory (fardh) prayer.

  1. How long is this situation going to last?

We are in constant consultation with medical experts and following developments closely. We are also assessing logistics and adherence to guidelines during this phase. We will keep you updated as we move to the next phases See original phased reopening plan here

  1. Are any spiritual programs returning to be held in the mosque?

No. Only the obligatory prayers specified here are returning until further notice.

  1. Do you Sanitize the mosque after every prayer?

Yes. We are committed to following the CDC guidelines on sanitization of public places and the State’s advisory for places of worship see  advisory for places of worship here.

  1. Why are you asking us to donate while the mosque is not fully operating?

Even though we are not fully operating from the physical mosque space, all our staff are providing several services remotely and online and are still working on supporting those affected by the pandemic through your donations. Also, our security and maintenance staff are present at the mosque to secure it, execute the phased reopening plan, and ensure sanitization and safety. All of this is made possible by Allah through your donations.

To continue your support, please click here.

  1. I had COVID-19 or cold-like symptoms, but not anymore. Can I still come?

No. Unless you have tested negative for the Coronavirus, you still cannot come.

  1. I recovered from COVID-19. Can I still come?

No. You still cannot come until further medical research says otherwise.

  1. Is the mosque staff going to be present to other services than prayers?

No other services than prayers will be provided at the mosque itself. However, our staff will be present for guidance and other operation duties.

All above and the phased reopening plan are effective June 3rd and until further notice. Please send us all your questions and inquiries on