ISB Cambridge & Roxbury are reopening for Dhuhr & Asr

Reopening Phases of the ISBCC & ISB Cambridge

General precautions during all phases:

  • All dates are tentative and flexible, depending on assessment of the results of each phase and readiness for the next.
  • This plan and location-specific signage will be posted both inside the building and outside as applicable. Security will enforce all policies. Any violations or confrontations will be handled according to the established security crowd management policy.
  • Ingress and egress to the ISBCC building will be from the two doors on the right and left of the security desk, respectively. For ISB Cambridge Ingress will be from the parking lot door, egress from the front door. ISB Cambridge shoe racks must be moved accordingly to ensure smooth one-directional foot traffic.
  • Public should be relegated to using rear parking lot entrance.
  • Social distancing markers will be placed on the floor six feet apart in all directions in the areas to be used for prayer in each of the two mosques. Number of people allowed in each of the two mosques will be determined by the number of these markers that each area will take. Maximum number will be maintained by security using a clicker.
  • Traffic patterns through the open area and in the waiting line outside will be well defined by floor tape and/or ropes, social distancing markers will be placed in the traffic pattern both inside and outside.
  • All people entering the building must wear face masks while inside the ISBCC/ISB Cambridge.
  • Management will provide a limited supply of masks for cases when congregants do not bring their own mask. If a pattern of abuse of this measure is detected, this supply will not be replenished and congregants with no masks will not be allowed in any confined space.
  • No children under the age of 13 will be allowed.
  • White carpeted (Masjid) area to be closed off until after assessment at the end of the last reopening phase.
  • Cafeteria will be allowed to open, depending on the state guidelines for restaurants, for takeout only. One customer will be allowed entrance at a time. A separate outside waiting line can be created for this purpose, with social distancing markers.
  • All Quran copies and books will be moved to the sealed-off area of the front musalla in ISBCC, and to any suitable locked-up storage in Cambridge.
  • No bathrooms or ablution areas will be available to the public. Congregants will have to be already on wudu.
  • Donation collection will continue to be handled by security like the closure period.
  • The ISB facilities team shall forecast the hygiene and disinfection supplies quantity required for the entire duration of each phase. Each phase’s quantity must be secured before the phase goes into effect.


Phase One, June 3rd until further notice, Limited Opening to the Public:

  • All employees able to work from home should continue to work from home part time to ease into transition.
  • Employees must bring their own prayer rugs and wear face masks at all times.
  • Biohazard training for facilities cleaning staff should begin.
  • Exploration of the option of consulting a Biohazard cleaning company.
  • Carpets on the First Floor Musalla must be rolled up.
  • ISBCC third Floor will be closed off.
  • Disinfectant stations should be placed at the public entrance if possible.
  • Mosques will open for Dhuhr and Asr times for only one congregational prayer each. Doors will open ten minutes before Iqama time to allow entrance and will close directly after prayer ends and congregants leave. No congregants will be allowed before or after those time slots. However, they may use the outside area to pray individually while maintaining social distancing.
  • No pooling, extended socializing or loitering will be allowed.
  • All congregants must bring their own prayer rug or a jacket to pray on.
  • To eliminate the need for disinfection of the third floor, women will pray in an area on the first floor designated by separators that can be moved to adjust for change in needed space.
  • Facilities cleaning staff at the ISBCC and ISB Cambridge must disinfect floors after Dhuhr, before Asr, and after Asr in accordance with CDC guidelines for constantly used surfaces. Same goes for the designated plastic-sheet-covered prayer area at Cambridge.
  • Extra emphasis on cleaning First Floor & Basement/Garage door handles, handrails elevator buttons, faucets, and faucet handles in accordance with CDC guidelines for constantly used surfaces.
  • A plexiglass shield will be erected around each of the front desk and the security desk at ISBCC and the front desk at Cambridge.


Phase Two, dates and duration to be determined Limited Opening to the Public:

  • All phase one measures will continue as applicable.
  • Time windows Similar to those specified in phase one for Dhuhr and Asr will be implemented for Maghrib and Isha as well. Disinfection schedule must follow similarly.



Phase Three, dates and duration to be determined, Open for 5 Daily Prayers:

  • All phase One and Two procedures will continue as applicable.
  • Time windows Similar to those specified in phase two for Dhuhr and Asr will be implemented for all 5 prayers. Disinfection schedule must follow similarly.
  • Potentially hiring or contracting temporary facilities cleaning staff to assist with the increased workload to prevent burnout and unintended neglect.
  • Potentially having a full-time security officer at ISB Cambridge to ensure rules are adequately enforced.


Phase Four, dates and duration to be determined, Congregational, Jumu’ah & Eid Prayer Services TBD:

  • Protocols for re-establishing congregational Salah, Jumu’ah prayer services and establishing prayer services for Eid Al-Adha 1441 Hijri should be looked at during the Phase Three period.