Urgent Appeal for Funds

In the name of God, the most merciful the most gracious
Our beloved community;
We pray that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy as we write you this update in the spirit of transparency.
On Thursday, October 15th, we informed you we have detected two cases of the coronavirus at ISBCC, one of which is one of our staff. We immediately closed both ISB locations and started to take the necessary measures according to the CDC guidelines. Two more staff members tested positive as we conducted the COVID Test in partnership with the Whittier Street Health Center last Friday. We ask Allah SWT to give them strength and grant them a speedy recovery.
This is indeed a serious matter and the safety of our community, staff, and the public is our highest priority. Starting immediately, in addition to measures already taken, we are seeking to upgrade our facilities; including installation of HVAC purification systems upgrades, electrostatic spray cleaners for surfaces, touch-free doors, and purchasing additional cleaning equipment. However, we will not be able to do it without your support. Therefore, our appeal to you is to sponsor these upgrades:
Following is a list of the equipment and supplies that we ask you sponsor:
1. HVAC Purification units: 12 needed @$1000 per unit = $12,000
2. Electrostatic spray cleaners for surfaces $5,000
3. Touch-free doors: $25,000
4. Touchless thermometers (6): $3000
5. Masks/gloves/disposable paper mats/sanitizers: $5000
Total campaign target: $50,000
Can we count on you? Please donate or pledge here: