Umm Al-Ahadith

I - Hadith Jibreel is the Mother of All Prophetic Traditions
  • A profound, manifest Hadith that gathers all the essential acts and practices that are to be performed, internally and externally.
  • The advice of the Scholars: “ If you want to learn your Religion, study this Hadith”.
II - The Questions to Consider to Process this Hadith


  • Time: 80 days before the Prophet (saw) returned to Allah.
  • Space: At the Door of Jibreel in the Prophet’s Mosque
  • The Prophet (saw) was sitting with his Companions, studying, learning, reflecting.
  • A man enters and goes directly to the Prophet (saw).
  • He places his knees up against the Prophet’s (saw) knees.
  • He is dressed in a very particular way.
  • He positions his hands in a very distinct way.
  • He is sitting in a very distinct way.
III - The Journey to Understand This Deen Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

The following elements are required:

  • Create a distinct context
  • Embody certain etiquette and decorum (Adab)
  • Apply a particular methodology
IV - The Series of Questions: The Fundamental Building Blocks of Islam

What is Islam? The first dimension of the Deen. The external surrender and submission of your body (Zahiru)

  • Testify with the tongue
  • Pray with the body
  • Give money from your labor
  • Restrict the body through fasting
  • Exhaust the body through Hajj

What is Iman? The next dimension is internal truth. The internal intellectual, and spiritual conclusions about reality (Batinu).

  • The existence of God
  • The existence of Angels
  • The existence of Prophets and Messengers
  • The existence of Revealed Books
  • The existence of Destiny - Allah is the One Who Decrees and Wills
  • The existence of a Day of Judgment and Accountability, and Afterlife

The Distinction Between the First Two Dimensions

  • The first consists of the external things you do.
  • The first is Shari’ah, the eternal realization.
  • The second consists of internal submission.
  • The second is Tariqa, the way that is affirmed in your internal state.

What is Ihsan? The dimension of excellence, beauty, and sincerity.

  • The truth of this existence is beyond external behavior and internal conviction.
  • There is Haqiqa, the essential reality that you worship Allah as if you see Him.
  • Allah has written and prescribed Ihsan for all things, and Allah Loves those who are the people of Ihsan.
  • Ihsan is the greatest dimension of this Deen.
  • It is to live on this earth and only see Allah.
  • It is to define Ubudiyya as being in loving surrender only to Allah and nothing else.
  • The Ulama define Ihsan as Mushahada, that you see in every single thing there is a sign that indicates Allah.
  • Ihsan envelopes the entirety of religious practice in reality.
  • You can have perfect Islam and Iman, but if your Ihsan is not right the other two dimensions can be nullified, e.g., praying and believing perfectly, but having an impure intention.
  • Ihsan permeates the entire being, externally and internally, making a person excellent and beautiful in the Sight of Allah, for verily He sees us.

What is the Hour?

  • The Prophet’s (saw) response is profound.
  • “The one being questioned knows no more than the questioner. Tell me about its Signs.”
  • The Prophet(saw) is teaching us that as Muslims trying to follow this Deen there are signs Allah wants you to be aware of.
  • It is not enough to process Islam, Iman and Ihsan in a vacuum.
  • These profound dimensions of Deen must be processed within space and time, understood within the context of the struggles of the place and time in which you live.
V - The Meaning of the Prophet’s (saw) Response
  • Umar (RA) waited three days before asking the Prophet (saw) any questions about the event. Ask yourself why none of the Companions asked the Prophet (saw) who the man was.
  • The meaning of the Prophet’s (saw) response is that this is how I want you to live, to practice, to believe, to be; how I want your heart, your mind, your body, your spirit, your intellect; how I want you to teach your children, your family, to work. I want you to do everything in accordance with this Deen.
  • This Deen is the beginning and the end. Everything that is expected from us came from this Hadith, and everything expected is extracted from it.
VI - Assignment:
  • Find the Hadith Jibreel.
  • Print it out. Put each part of the Hadith on a piece of paper.
  • Reflect on it from your heart.
  • Ask one essential question: What am I supposed to learn from this part?
  • For next week: Look at the scene.
  • Take each part of the scene apart and try to explore and discover its meaning.