Hajj – A Transformational Odyssey

Hajj - A Transformational Odyssey

As we approach the month of Dhul Hijjah, we realize more and more how hard it is not to be able to go to Hajj this year. But we also realize that there must be wisdom behind it. “So verily, With every difficulty, There is relief , Verily, with every difficulty There is relief” [Qur’an 94:5-6].

As such this is a great opportunity for us to learn from this most inspirational pillar of our faith. Your family at the Islamic Society of Boston has worked hard to present you with a program for Hajj as a transformational odyssey, where we can visualize every aspect of it. Please mark your calendar in the upcoming weeks for our program as follows:

Speaker Topic Date Time
Br. Ubaydullah Evans Mecca before and after Islam.  Mecca before and after hajj.  Arab community transformation. Trading, politics etc. before and after Islam.   Tuesday July 14th 7:30 PM EST
Br. Michael Wolf Personal story about hajj transformation/ISB Quarantine conversation Wednesday, July 15th  8:00 PM EST
Sr. Amal Noor How parents talk to their kids about Hajj and Udhaya concept Thursday, July 16th  6:30 PM EST
Br. Michael Wolf A Live Lecture about making the ABC video about Hajj. Friday, July 17th  7:30 PM EST
Br. Hisham Mahmoud Hajj Session - Program 1 -  والفجر وليال عشر The best 10 days Tuesday, July 21st  7:30 PM EST
Sr. Amal Noor Kids program - Storytelling about Prophet Ibrahim and how Hajj started Thursday, July 23rd
Dr. Jamillah Karim Lessons from Mother Hajar and Malcolm X: The Gift of Diversity, the Struggle for the Beloved Community Friday, July 24th  7:30 PM EST