The mission of the ISBCC is to teach and live Islam in America. An example is presented to us in the famous Hadith of Jibreel in which Angel Jibreel asked the Prophet Muhammad pbuh a set of questions. The Prophet responded and then explained to his companions that that was Angel Jibreel who came to teach us our religion. This famous hadith highlights the importance of inward beliefs and outward actions. The example of Angel Jibreel and how he interacted with the Prophet set an example for us to strive to seek knowledge and implement it. The Prophet Muhammad pbuh also said: “Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim”. Therefore, the core focus of the ISBCC’s religious programs are spirituality, community building and service. The purpose is to help us develop on a personal and communal level and to be able to live the example of Prophet Muhammad pbuh and Angel Jibreel.

Friday sermons and community halaqas are hallmark religious programs at the ISBCC. Each plays a role in the spiritual development of the community. Lessons from the Quran and Sunnah highlight the fundamentals of Islam such as tawhid, oneness of God and tawakkul. Remembrance and trust in God. In addition they inspire individuals to improve their character, solve problems, and become social advocates. Over the past year qualified local and visiting scholars have led both the Friday sermon and weekly halaqa.[/x_text]

  • Shaykh Yasir Fahmy

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  • Religious Services

    The ISBCC offers nikkah, janaza and many other religious services. From information click here

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For Everyone[x_text]

For Everyone

The main spiritual programs of the ISBCC are the Friday khutbah and halaqa.[/x_text]

For New Muslims[x_text]

For New Muslims

The ISBCC has free classes for new Muslims and those looking to learn about Islam.[/x_text]

For Youth[x_text]

For Youth

ARKanum is ISBCC’s premiere youth program. At ARKanum youth grow together spiritually, build community and serve the common good.[/x_text]

For Moms[x_text]

For Moms

Do you find yourself struggling to meet other Muslim moms in the area? Look no further as the ISBCC is proud to host a weekly group for moms and children to connect.[/x_text]