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The ISBCC community is dedicated to service and we understand the importance of choosing a partner for marriage. We are happy to offer assistance to find your life partner. Please complete the matrimonial form below to get the process started. Once we have your profile, our team will work to find you a potential match. We will contact you through email once your potential match is found. For more information about this service, please check out the FAQ's below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the program?

  • Registration forms are available at Registration is free and the application process is simple.

Can I register for a friend or relative?

  • Yes, you can register for a friend or relative as long as you have their permission. Please make sure to be clear that you are registering for someone else and provide the contact information that we should use to communicate with the responsible party.

Do I have to fill out the registration form completely?

  • Yes, application forms must be complete to be considered part of the database. Providing more detailed information on the application will help facilitate the matching process and produce more accurate matches. Please include criteria that are most important to you.

Why is it important that I include a photo?

  • Most registrants would not agree to proceed with a match without seeing a picture first. Your photo is only shared with a potential match after the applicant reviews information about the prospective partner and agrees to proceed. We require the picture submitted to be a clear picture from the front. Any unclear picture or picture submitted with sunglasses, from the back or from the side will be rejected and you will be asked to send another one.

Can I apply if I do not live in the US?

  • No, you have to be currently living in the US AND already living in or willing to move to Massachusetts in order to apply.

Can I apply if I do not live in MA?

  • Yes, but only if you are willing to move to MA. Due to the our current capability, we can only accept applicants living in MA or willing to move to MA.

What is the matching process?

  • First, the team intakes all of the data provided within the matrimonial questionnaire. If there is a match, respective information will be shared without any names, pictures, or contact information. Once the information is shared and the individual would like to proceed, we will go ahead and share pictures. (Please note, brothers will be sent sister’s information separately from their picture as mentioned above. Sisters, on the other hand, will be sent both at once). If both sides agree to connect, an email is sent out to both of them, sharing their email addresses and first names only. From there, our job as the matrimonial team is done and the two individuals are responsible on how they both want to proceed with contacting each other and getting to know each other.

Who makes a decision on how to match me and can that person be biased?

  • Our team of anonymous, highly respected volunteers make the decision on the order of potential matches (if any) based on what both parties are looking for. Therein lies the majority of the bias which is both a blessing and a struggle for our team. Adding preferences/biases in your questionnaire helps us find you the person you want but being too specific may alienate all of your potential suitors.

How long does it take to be matched after I register?

  • It depends on who is available in our database based on the qualities you are looking for. Our team is constantly matching as applications are submitted.

Does registration with this service guarantee a match?

  • No. We, however, respect the trust you have placed in us and time given and consider our time volunteered an amanat from God and will try our absolute best.

Who is part of the matrimonial team?

  • Imam Abdul-Malik, the lead of this team, has hand-picked five active members of the community who have initiated the program to be on this team. The five members of the team are anonymous.

Why are the members of the matrimonial team anonymous?

  • This was a decision that was made after some consultation with leading institutions in the matrimonial services field and the leadership at the ISBCC. There are various benefits to the team remaining anonymous. We understand that you care about who views your information and how they use it. This is why members of this team were hand-picked by Imam Abdulmalik. We can assure you that we are doing our best to keep your information safe, secure and private. If you still have concerns or questions regarding this please email us at

Is my personal information safe?

  • The information provided is only viewed by our matrimonial team and potential matches.

Who do I contact for any question?

  • Premarital Counseling

    To learn more about premarital counseling click here

  • Contact Us

    To get in touch with a center representative click here

  • Getting Here

    For detailed directions to the ISBCC please click here