“Believers are indeed brothers” (Surat Al-Hujurat, 49:10)

As a mosque and cultural center, the ISBCC aims to be a space where community is built, and where the bonds of sister/brotherhood are formed. As Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) teaches, love for the religion is a powerful gift and one should also have that love for their sister/brother.

The ISBCC community is uniquely diverse, and members are encouraged to think beyond themselves and engage meaningfully with each other. There are various forms for community engagement opportunities that empower congregants to join one another and fulfill their responsibilities of being well-rounded Muslims. Programs include Eid events, arts & culture, social activities for community members of all ages, and more. ISBCC’s Café is a space where community is built through speaker programs, personal/professional development sessions and cultural experiences.

Please check out the following programs to see what you can do to nourish and foster our mission to grow the bonds of our community.

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Common WOrd Cafe

Common Word Cafe

The Common Word Cafe is the social hub of the ISBCC, where our community builds the bond of friendship as well as enjoys the wonderful food.

ISBCC Sustainers

ISBCC Sustainers

Sustainers are not just people who give on a regularly monthly basis. Sustainers do so much more.

Community Socials

Community Socials

Community Socials are where the community comes together to share food, company and bond.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Find out how you can give back to your center through volunteering.