Administrative Assistant


Administrative Assistant: COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Grant

For immediate hire! This is a Boston Public Health Commission grant funded and will begin June 2021 until August 2021. Application deadline is fast approaching.

Commitment is 20 hours per week

Role description:

The Administrative Assistant will work as part of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project. This is a grant funded, temporary position awarded by the Boston Public Health Commission. The purpose of the grant is to increase vaccine access and awareness to communities disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center grant activities will focus on culturally competent public education to build confidence in the vaccination process; direct in-person outreach via appointment-setting; and wraparound support to increase vaccine access for immigrants, and Black/African Americans in Roxbury and Dorchester over the course of the summer 2021.

The Administrative Assistant  will work under the leadership of the ISBCC COVID-19 Vaccine Equity Project Manager on scheduling COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments on-site at the ISBCC, as well as in neighboring Roxbury and Dorchester community areas and mosques during field visit awareness visits. The Administrative Assistant should be able to effectively follow the appointment scheduling process, and communicate with clinical partners regarding appointments. Must be timely, have excellent organizational skills, and have strong interpersonal skills. Familiarity and passion in public health communication, and COVID-19 vaccine equity efforts. Cultural competency strongly preferred.


  • Schedule appointments via scheduling online platforms for community members on-site and at field visits. In-person presence required.
  • Handle COVID-19 vaccine scheduling calls and inquiries.
  • Obtain proper, accurate, and required info of patients while keeping confidentiality and privacy as the top priority
  • Facilitate timely and efficient scheduling for patients.
  • Follow-up if needed with clinical partners on scheduling changes or processes.
  • Track and input appointment trends into Excel for grant monitoring and evaluation purposes

Qualifications and Skills:

High School diploma, or current undergraduate student with relevant work experience.

Strong computer skills, Microsoft Excel, Word, and Google Drive.

Strong organizational skills.

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Ability to handle calls and in-person interactions in a professional and welcoming manner.

Awareness of cultural sensitivities.

Preferred knowledge of Somali, Arabic, or Hindi/Urdu language.

Availability during evenings and weekends if needed.

A passion for public health communication and COVID-19 vaccine equity.

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