Eid Adha Prayer Registration

Eid Prayers will be on Tuesday July 20th, 2021 at the ISBCC location only (there will be no Eid prayer at the ISB Cambridge location, as it will be held at the ISBCC location instead).

ISBCC is located at 100 Malcolm X Boulevard, Roxbury MA. Register ONLINE.

Reminder NO Parking! The parking lot will be used as a prayer space for community members. Please enter through the front and back entrances. You will be directed to the side exits when leaving.

We strongly encourage people to drop-off, carpool, or use public transportation.

PLEASE ARRIVE 14 MINS. EARLY. Each prayer will start promptly at the below listed times. No one will be allowed once each prayer starts.

1. There will be three prayers: 7:30am/9am/10:30am. Every member of the household who wants to attend MUST register separately.

Register below

First prayer (7:30am)
Second prayer (9:00am)
Third prayer (10:30am)

2. All attendees must bring their own face masks and are mandated to wear them at all times during and after the prayer. You must bring your own prayer rug.

3. Please come early as the prayer will start promptly at each time slot. Once the building capacity has been reached, we will be unable to let additional people in.

4. Each prayer will take 30 minutes max (Khutbah will be approximately 15 minutes).

5. Please keep your shoes next to you during the prayer in the provided bags, so you can leave the space immediately after the prayer.

6. Every member of the household who wants to attend MUST register separately.

7. Please DO NOT come to the masjid if you are experiencing cold-like symptoms, or have been in close physical contact with anyone, including family members, who have been experiencing cold-like signs or symptoms.

8. This form could be closed early if the maximum registrants for brothers and sisters capacity is reached. Please register beforehand.

9. Be already on ablution (wudu). Attendees are encouraged to come with wudu to reduce the use of wudu areas and bathrooms. However, wudu areas and bathrooms will remain open.

10. Stick to the social distancing floor markers. Prayer spaces will be marked with a six feet distance between worshipers.