Your Interim Executive Director


Assalamu Alaikum Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I pray you all had a beautiful Eid inshAllah.

As many of you know, by the grace of Allah, this past year the Barr Foundation kindly awarded me the Barr Fellowship. As part of this fellowship, the leader chosen must take a three month sabbatical from his/her organization. InshAllah I’ll be taking that sabbatical starting this week on Thursday and returning on Monday, September 24, 2018. Please make dua for a successful sabbatical for me with great growth where I come back stronger and refreshed to better serve our community and Allah’s deen.

I am very excited to announce that while I am away, Ms. Salma Kazmi will serve as ISBCC’s Interim Executive Director. She will team up with Shaykh Yasir to lead our masjid. As the Interim ED, Sr. Salma will be distinctly responsible for all administrative aspects of the organization.

Sr. Salma is already well-acquainted with the ISBCC community, leadership team and staff. She served as the Associate Director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center from 2001-2006, and since 2015, has been helping to launch the Boston Islamic Seminary, one of our partner organizations. Over the past six months Sr. Salma has consulted on ISBCC programming, building solid relationships with the ISBCC staff in the process. During her time away from community work from 2006-2015, Sr. Salma completed a Masters of Theology at Harvard Divinity School, and worked at a multi-national Digital Marketing Agency, playing a variety of roles in their Capacity Planning, Finance, Corporate Acquisitions and Corporate Social Responsibility Departments.

Having worked with her closely over the last six months, both Shaykh Yasir and I have full confidence in Sr. Salma’s ability to captain the ISBCC ship. During her three months as Interim Director, she will help the organization and our team set yearly goals (Muharram to Muharram), implement processes and systems that position our masjid to better serve our community, and elevate and align our programs to increase their impact on community members.

While she serves as Interim Executive Director of the ISBCC, Sr. Salma will also remain Executive Director of Boston Islamic Seminary. She will balance these two roles with the support of the current ISBCC team, all of whom are now well established in their respective positions. In addition, our Ramadan consultant, Sr. Khaoula Benghanem, will stay on as Operations Manager in a part time capacity and allow Sr. Salma to focus on more strategic matters. Sr. Salma can be reached by email at

Please make duas for Sr. Salma’s three month tenure. InshAllah it will lead to great growth for the ISBCC.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan