An Opportunity to Give this Dhul Hijjah

Assalamu Alailum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh Dear Community,

By the grace and mercy of Allah (swt) we have reached the blessed first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah. These blessed days are an opportunity to gain vast reward, and Shaykh Yasir has been repeatedly encouraging us to fast, pray qiyam, make continual remembrances, and give Sadaqa. We want to offer you an opportunity for sadaqa now.

On July 30th, we were blessed to have over 500 community members of diverse backgrounds attend our community barbeque at Arsenal Park. One of our core principles at ISBCC is to build bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds, so that we become a strong diverse ummah. Communal events like the BBQ facilitate a space to precisely build that kind of Prophetic community.

We come to you now with a LaunchGood campaign in hopes to make that brotherhood and sisterhood a reality. The objective of this campaign is to raise funds to host monthly community building events (12 in total) similar to the barbeque for at least 12 months beginning in Muharram 2017 (September 21st). Take a moment to go through the LaunchGood campaign to learn more about the initiative, cost for each community building event, and the different ways that you can give. Give whatever you can inshAllah, even if it is just ten dollars.


May Allah (swt) reward you.immensely for each brotherhood or sisterhood bond you help facilitate through this effort Jazaakumullahu Khair.

Your ISBCC Family