To teach and live Islam in America


To build a community of leaders rooted in the Islamic tradition, committed to American ideals and empowered to serve the common good.


A cultural landmark

As one of the most diverse Islamic Centers in the United States, it’s only fitting the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center stands tall in one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods. The ISBCC is located in the heart of Roxbury, a neighborhood that was originally founded as a town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630. The rich cultural history is a constant reminder that the ISBCC is not just New England’s largest mosque, it is also a shared “dream” that is representative of Boston’s multicultural footprint.




The cornerstone of the New England Muslim community

The 70,000 square foot structure is not just a mosque, but a dynamic cultural center that is designed to serve the entire community. The ISBCC houses a school, a café, and its multipurpose space is used for various functions and events, including but not limited to interfaith, nonprofit, cultural, and educational organizations. Future planning calls for a library, an interfaith center, an exhibition space and a morgue.  The greater Boston area has had a hand in its construction, and its leadership reflects the full diversity of our community.

A model for civic engagement

The two-decade effort to build the ISBCC brought together and helped build strong relationships between the ISBCC and the Roxbury community, the city of Boston, political leaders, civic organizations, and faith groups, including Rabbi’s, Ministers, and Pastors from the Jewish and Christian communities. The ISBCC has hosted forums, cultural functions, retreats, dinners and other high impact events with Governor Deval Patrick, former Mayor Thomas Menino, Boston City Councilors, state Representatives, heads of law enforcement agencies including U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, CEO’s, business leaders, non-profit organizations, heads of academic institutions, and engaged some of Boston’s best and brightest. The ISBCC and its staff have been featured in local, regional and national media, including but not limited to the Boston Globe, N.Y. Times, CBS, ABC, CNN, and other major news outlets.

Strengthening community relations and providing quality social services

The ISBCC is committed to delivering social services that meet the community’s needs and deliver the greatest impact. Successful services and projects have included diversity training for hundreds of police officers and law enforcement officials meant to improve relations and foster understanding; food drives, including the distribution of ‘udhiya meat to local Muslims and non-Muslims to feed families in need; English as a Second Language courses designed to provide verbal and written communication skills to non-English speakers; financial literacy courses; establishment of a volunteer “Health Team” to provide free mental health counseling and workshops; free health clinics and screenings; civic education about local government, including Boston Mayoral & City Council candidates forum; collaboration with Christian and Jewish leaders on various interfaith projects, and multiple events to bolster understanding and build deeper relationships, and a host of other services.

Educational partnerships

Boston is known internationally as a center of academic excellence, with more than sixty colleges of all kinds.  As a source of reliable information about Islam and Muslims initiatives in the ISBCC will include establishing partnerships with Harvard University and with our neighbor Roxbury Community College. In this and so many other ways, the project promises to reflect an outward-looking, American Muslim institution.

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