The Four
Prophetic Spheres

Every moment that the Companions had with the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) had a purpose. All together, those moments led to a transformative journey that changed the souls of those who would change society.

In February 2016, ISBCC launched a series of programs designed to take you through the same journey. This journey focuses on the four spheres of the Prophetic life – Knowledge (ilm), Lived Spirituality, Community, and Service. To learn more about this journey, see the spheres below and see how the programs and initiatives within them will make your every moment at the ISBCC purposeful.

  • Our Spiritual Team

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  • Getting Here

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A critical component of every Muslims journey is knowledge more

Lived Spirituality

Ihsan was the way of our Messenger more


We pray together, we break our fast together, Islam is community more


Being in service to others is the duty of every Muslim more