A hallmark of what makes our Boston community so unique is the droves of students that come to pursue higher education at the assembly of acclaimed universities and colleges nearby. They are our future leaders. With this in mind and due to a strong plea from our Boston area parents, we were blessed to bring on our MAS Youth Director at the ISBCC, Samer Naseredden. Samer enjoys working with young people and seasoning their unbridled passion with unparalleled commitment, consistency, and discipline. His mission is to cultivate leaders by refining the gold our beloved Messenger ﷺ proclaimed is within people to produce shining examples of what it means to live prophetically.

  • Campus

    MAS Youth Campus Services

    Spheres Knowledge, Lived Spirituality, Community, Service

    Through MAS Youth campus services the ISBCC is able to provided spiritual mentor-ship to college student across several Boston area campuses. Campus services focus on three areas, Chaplaincy, Khateeb training’s and Biweekly Coffee Talk halaqa.

  • Waves

    MAS Youth Waves

    Spheres Knowledge, Lived Spirituality, Community, Service

    MAS Youth Waves is a safe, open, and diverse space where lived Islam is authentically learned, discussed, and experienced. Our motto is ~Make Waves Not Ripples~ because we want to embody the spirit of Islam, being a mercy to mankind and working towards justice for all. Collectively we will learn to become purposeful, principled, and proficient leaders of positive change in our communities.

  • Revive

    MAS Youth Revive

    Spheres Lived Spirituality

    MAS Youth Revive consists of spiritual programs and events that provide youth an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Allah through prayers, inspirational lectures, and bonding activities.

  • Sports

    MAS Youth Sports

    Spheres Community

    MY Sports promotes healthy bodies, strong character, and sound minds. Sports are a very important part of the lives of many youth growing up in America. It not only helps build confidence, teamwork, and companionship, but it is also a great way to relate to youth of other faiths in a positive way.

  • Retreat

    MAS Youth Retreats

    Spheres Knowledge, Lived Spirituality, Community, Service

    MAS Youth Retreat is a great way to provide tarbiya to our youth in a fun and exciting environment. The change in the environment allows for a level of dedication and seriousness.

  • Social

    MAS Youth Social

    Spheres Community

    MAS Youth Social brings people together to help begin to form the intimate bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood that was found amongst our pious predecessors, the sahaba.

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