Building a New Board for the ISBCC, the ISB Cambridge and their Respective Waqf (Endowments)


Alhamdulillah, it is an exciting time for our institutions with a lot of potential positive change. One of the most significant of these positive changes is the decision by the Board of Trustees to activate a new Board of Directors for our institutions through community input and a rigorous selection process. A number of email communications have gone out in regard to the activation of this new Board, and the feedback we received is that it has been hard to keep up with the continual updates. Therefore, we have created a page where all information about the building of this new Board is in one place! Please make duas for this new Board to be a successful endeavor for the ISB Cambridge and ISBCC communities.

The Key Bodies & Their Roles

ISB Board of Trustees

The Trustees are title holders/owners of the ISB Cambridge, ISBCC and Waqf (Endowment) Properties on behalf of our Muslim community. They have ultimate fiduciary responsibility for each of the properties. Once the new ISB-ISBCC Board of Directors is fully established by late March at the latest, the role of the Trustees will be insha’Allah to protect the real estate assets as the owner and to provide high level oversight against preaching extremism or any grossly unethical behavior on part of the Board of Directors (e.g. financial wrongdoing).

Current Trustees

  • Dr. Yousef Abou Llaban (Acting Chairman)
  • Br. Saoud Al-Hafi
  • Br. Muhammad Ali-Salaam
  • Dr. Osama Kandil
  • Br. Anwar Kazmi
  • Dr. Walid Fitaihi
ISB-ISBCC Board of Directors

Once fully established in late March insha’Allah, the role of the Board of Directors will be to determine the organization’s mission, purpose and governing by-laws; appoint, evaluate, and, if necessary, remove the chief executives (Senior Imam and ED); provide proper financial oversight; ensure adequate resources; ensure legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability; ensure effective organizational planning; recruit and orient new Board members and assess Board performance; and enhance the organization’s public standing. Please note that this is the thinking of the current Trustees.. Both the Trustees and, insha’ Allah, the new Board of Directors are committed to best practices. If we learn that there is a better way to structure responsibilities/by-laws, we will be willing to make the appropriate changes. We are committed to ihsan/excellence.

Current Board of Directors

  • Sr. Elizabeth Ismail
  • Br. Amr El-Moselhy
  • Br. Mahmood Rahman

Based on the recommendations of the Board Recruitment Committee (BRC), at their meeting held on May 4th, 2019 the Board of Trustees have appointed four additional members to the Board of Directors. They are:

  • Dr. Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman
  • Dr. Faisal Khan
  • Br. Ahmed Nur
  • Dr. Nadia Waheed

Their appointment takes effect immediately.They will be invited to join future BOD meetings to familiarize themselves with issues that the BOD is grappling with. As of June 15th, 2019 they will have full voting rights on the BOD.

Based on the list provided by the BRC, two additional members will be appointed to the BOD in the late summer or early fall of this year.

Board Recruitment Committee (BRC)

The BRC was established by the Trustees based upon recommendations from the community of individuals best suited to fulfill the role of this committee. The role of the BRC is to identify the best candidates for Board membership through a transparent, community process. Community nominated candidates will be carefully assessed, after which the BRC will present the best candidates to the Trustees to choose from for service as members of the Board of Directors. If you have questions and/or feedback for the BRC, please reach out to them at

BRC Members

  • Sr. Saida Abdi
  • Sr. Nana Abdelkader
  • Sr. Shamso Ahmed
  • Br. Usama Elkatta
  • Br. Craig Holbrook
  • Sr. Hajjah Kamara
  • Br. Bilal Kaleem
  • Br. Anwar Kazmi
  • Br. Omar Khoshafa
  • Br. Sameer Sabir
  • Sr. Faisa Sharif
  • Dr. Mir Shuttari
  • Br. Mohammed Sirage
  • Sr. Ashaki Taha-Cisse
Communications to Date on this Process
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  4. Send in your Board Member Nominations!
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  6. Board Recruitment Process
  7. Introducing the New Board of Directors
  8. Board of Trustees Next Steps
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