ARK-Juniors Summer Day Camp 2018

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Welcome to ARK Juniors  & Malik Academy Summer Camp 2018. IsA it will be an experience of a life time filled with bonding, workshops, activities, learning and development. Different camp activities include zip lining, swimming, kayaking and more.

One of the goals of our program is to get the kids closer to nature and teach them knowledge and skills that they don’t typically learn in school. The children will spend a lot of time away from electronics and Western social influence. For the majority of the camp we will spend our time in the woods exploring, walking and learning survival techniques. Other periods of time will spent bonding as a group doing activities together and sitting around bonfires.

– Camp Hours
Every day from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Extended hours until 5:00 PM.
– Campers Ages 7 – 11
– Camp Dates & Locations
Week  2 (July 2nd – July 6th) @ ISBCC. 

Week 3 & 4 & 5 (July 9th – July 27th) @ Milton Base Camp. (Photos above from the Milton Base Camp)

from July 27th to August 17th there will be an extension to the camp. Further information will be send out soon.


– Camp Details
– Morning Quran circle (memorization and Quranic stories)
Daily workshop for skills development
– Sports and team bonding activities
– Arts & Crafts
– Obstacle Course
– Swimming (every day during the Milton Base camp weeks)
– Archery, bb gun, rock climbing and other activities at the camp site. 

– Logistics

– For the base camp weeks, we will offer limited car pooling spots from ISBCC to Milton for any families who is challenged to drive their kids to the camp. Let us know if you need this service.

– There will be lunch hour everyday, please make sure to send lunch with your child.

For the payment for the camp; the fees are as follows:
– 150/week at the ISBCC for the regular day
– 200/week at the ISBCC for the extended day
– 200/week at the Milton Camp without transportation
– 220/week at the Milton Camp with transportation
Cash is accepted, cheques are accepted – payable to Malik Academy (payments will be handled by Malik Academy), both debit and credit cards are accepted. To use a card please fill out this LINK. The payments will be withdrawn before each week your child attends. If paying via cheque or cash, please provide the payment on the first day of the camp.
To Sign up to the camp  Click HERE
Please also fill up this form to be able to attend the Milton Camp HERE.

Have any questions? WhatsApp us at (603) ARK-6449 or email