ARKanum Summer Camp 2018

Welcome to ARKanum’s first summer camp! IsA it will be an experience of a lifetime filled with bonding, workshops, activities, learning and development. Different camp activities include zip lining, horseback riding, kayaking and more.
One of the goals of our program is to get the teens closer to nature and teach them knowledge and skills that they don’t typically learn in school. The children will spend a lot of time away from electronics and Western social influence. For the majority of the camp we will spend our time in the woods exploring, walking, learning survival techniques, and spending periods of time contemplating nature. Other periods of time will spent bonding as a group doing activities together and sitting around bonfires.
Camp Dates & Locations
July 28th to August 4th @ T.L. Storer Scout Reservation – New Hampshire
Camp Details – T.L. Storer Scout Reservation

– Daily workshop for skills development

– Two hours of Islamic courses every day

– Canoeing
– Fishing
– Water trampolining
– Paddle-board jousting
– Kayaking
– Water polo
– Shooting sports
– Zip Lining
– Mountain hiking
– Biking
Camp Cost (All inclusive)
T.L. Storer Scout Reservation – New Hampshire ($500 for eight days)
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Have any questions? WhatsApp us at (603) ARK-6449 or email

Note: Due to low enrollment for week 1, it has been cancelled from the program of the camp and the camp will only be eight days as shown above.

Registration Week 2 only
Number of payments 3
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Due* Amount
At checkout $200.00 USD
Every 1 week (x 2) $155.00 USD
Total $510.00 USD
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