Introducing the New Interim Director of the Islamic Society of Boston


In the name of Allah, the all Merciful and the ever Merciful. All praise is due to Allah (swt). We ask Allah (swt) to send abundant blessings and mercy upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw).

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Baraktuhu, Beloved ISB/CC Community Members,

We pray that this notice finds you in the best states of Islam, Imaan, and Ishaan. We, the newly formed Board of Directors of the Islamic Society of Boston, are excited to announce the appointment of a new interim Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Boston in Cambridge and in Roxbury: Wael F. Alkhairo. Br. Alkhairo is an accomplished executive with a proven track record for developing and directing faith-based organizations to advance in terms of sustainable institutional excellence. An engineer by training, he is the former Executive Director of the ADAMS Center, a multifaceted and muti-sited Islamic organization serving one of the largest Muslim communities in the Washington, D.C area.

Br. Alkhairo comes to the Islamic Society of Boston with over 25 years of expertise and experience in leading large Islamic Institutions. His mission, inshaAllah, is to strengthen both the foundation and the infrastructure of our centers in Cambridge and Roxbury by upholding proper governance, rebuilding trust within our communities, and increasing the amount and the variety of services we offer. Resolutely committed to the core values of excellence, integrity, and transparency, Br. Alkhairo advocates a forward-thinking approach to institutional leadership that recognizes and respects the various communities of which the ISB/CC is comprised, that prioritizes consultation and collaboration in governance procedures and decisions, and that deploys best practices to benefit our institutions as a whole.

We are asking our beloved ISB/CC community members to support Br. Alkhairo by continuing to volunteer, to participate in programming and community events, and to provide the valuable feedback that collectively improves our institutions.

Welcome, Br. Wael F. Alkhairo! We are excited to work with you to, in your own words, “sail the beautiful ISB/CC ship to shores of peace and prosperity worthy of its name.” We ask Allah to give you success, as your success is ultimately our own!

Current Board of Directors of the Islamic Society of Boston

Amr El-Moselhy, Chairperson
M. Faisal Khan, Vice Chairperson
Mahmood Rahman, Treasurer
Aliyyah I. Abdur-Rahman, Secretary
Liz Ismail, Member at large
Ahmed Nur, Member at large
Nadia Waheed, Member at large