Gift Shop Update

ISBCC Gift Shop Arrangement with Mr. Mohammed Ennab

In 2010 the ISBCC leased out space to tenant Mr. Mohammed Ennab to run a gift shop. The arrangement with Mr. Ennab was memorialized in the following lease and addendum. Nearly two years ago, ISBCC terminated Mr. Ennab’s lease, giving him six months to vacate. Unfortunately, Mr. Ennab did not vacate the premises, and the ISBCC was forced to start eviction proceedings through court.


The ISBCC has won its lawsuit against Mohammed Ennab, concerning the termination of his lease at the ISBCC. As many of you know, we have been involved in summary process litigation for nearly two years against Mr. Ennab regarding what we believed were his many and ongoing violations of his lease. Through the lawsuit, the ISBCC sought the right to evict Mr. Ennab. This case went to trial at the end of 2018. On February 27, 2019, the Court found in favor of the ISBCC and determined that Mr. Ennab had breached the lease and failed to act in good faith. The Court ruled that the ISBCC has the right to evict Mr. Ennab. For purposes of transparency, we have linked both the judgment of the Court’s decision and detailed explanation of the decision by the Judge. Mr. Ennab has appealed, however.

Due to Mr. Ennab’s appeal, we expect more court activity in this matter in the foreseeable future.

We thank the community for its patience during this time. We would also like to thank Todd & Weld LLP and Marzouk Law LLC for their pro bono assistance in this matter.

Please do not hesitate to email for any further questions.