Ramadan Parking

Additional Parking available at Roxbury Community College Lot (7pm-12am)
Please consider leaving the ISBCC lotĀ for elderly, disabled, sisters, and families with young children.

Entrance: 185 Cedar St, Boston
Distance/Walk Time: .3 mi / 7 min walk
Shuttle: A complimentary shuttle will operate from the RCC Lot to ISBCC Friday-Saturday and for events.

Special thanks to our neighbors for allowing us to use their parking lots!

Street Parking by Distance from ISBCC

Click on each street below to open up the location in Google Maps

  1. Elmwood St
  2. Malcolm X Blvd
  3. King St
  4. Roxbury St
  5. Gardner St
  6. Centre St
  7. John Elliot Sq.
  8. Highland St
  9. Highland Ave
  10. Linwood St
  11. Dudley St
  12. Bartlett St

NOTE: Please walk with another person if walking from far away. Please do not park illegally, block driveways, or lot entrances – tow trucks are on standby. Please check street signs to make sure you are not in a Permit Parking area. ISBCC is not responsible for any damage in lots/streets.