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Welcome to ISBCC’s Monthly Parking Permit page! Here you’ll find information about purchasing a monthly parking pass at ISBCC. Use this page to find information about rates and regulations, to apply for a permit, and pay for your permit.

Please read information below carefully.


Daily Rate Monthly Rate Monthly Rate
(Student Discount 20% off)
Garage (Ideal for those going out of town) $6/day $150.00 $120.00
Parking Lot (Ideal for commuters) $6/day $125.00
(5 days/ week)

(4 days/ week)

(3 days/week)

(2 days/week)

(5 days/week)

(4 days/week)

(3 days week)

(2 days/week)

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Rules & Guidelines

Important – Please read carefully

    • PERMIT: Your permit will be ready within 1-2 business days from the date you submit your form.
    • THEFT or DAMAGES: ISBCC is not responsible for any theft or damages to the vehicle either in the garage or in the parking lot.
    • REPAIR: If your car is in need of repair (jump-start, flat tire, etc) that requires resources from ISBCC (including time of repair), a $20.00 donation is suggested
    • REGISTRATION: Your car must be legally registered in order to park in ISBCC.

  • Garage Parking
    • OVERSTAY: If you overstay your allotted permit time, you will be charged an additional $10.00 per day, charged to your credit card.  Towing may be enforced if a car overstays for a month or more.
    • INSPECTION: ISBCC reserves the right to open and inspect a car if there is reasonable suspicion or cause for concern of safety. Do not keep anything flammable, explosive, hazardous, valuable, etc in the vehicle.
    • KEYS: You must leave your keys at ISBCC whenever you are not present with the car.
    • PICKING UP YOUR CAR: When picking up your car, you must check-out your car with the security desk using your ID.
    • KEEP CAR IN GARAGE: If you are leaving your vehicle in the garage, it must stay in the garage for the duration of the agreed time period (it cannot be removed and re-parked within that time). If it is removed, refunds will not be issued.
    • REFUNDS: Refunds will not be issued if you stop using your parking spot earlier than the term you paid for. The payment on a spot will apply whether you use it or not.

  • Parking Lot
    • HOURS: Permit holders must vacate the lot by 7 pm.
    • DAYS: Permit holders are permitted to park MONDAY – FRIDAY (no weekends)
    • AVAILABILITY: Parking is on a first-come first-serve basis. While on most days a spot will be available, there are some high volume days in which we cannot guarantee a spot (eg. Funerals, Jummah). We suggest parking earlier in the morning hours to increase your chances of securing a spot.
    • NO OVERNIGHT PARKING: Vehicles cannot be parked overnight. All vehicles must be removed before ISBCC’s closing until opening time, or they will be towed.
    • REFUNDS: Refunds will not be issued if you stop using your parking spot earlier than the term you paid for. The payment on a spot will apply whether you use it or not.
    • SNOW EMERGENCY POLICY: ISBCC closes for snow emergencies in sync with Boston Public Schools (BPS) – if BPS is closed, do not park in the ISBCC lot.

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