The mission of the ISBCC is to teach and live Islam in America. An example is presented to us in the famous Hadith of Jibreel in which Angel Jibreel asked the Prophet Muhammad pbuh a set of questions. The Prophet responded and then explained to his companions that that was Angel Jibreel who came to teach us our religion. This famous hadith highlights the importance of inward beliefs and outward actions. The example of Angel Jibreel and how he interacted with the Prophet set an example for us to strive to seek knowledge and implement it. The Prophet Muhammad pbuh also said: “Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim”. Therefore, the core focus of the ISBCC’s religious programs are spirituality, community building, and service. The purpose is to help us develop on a personal and communal level and to be able to live the example of Prophet Muhammad pbuh and Angel Jibreel.

  • Khutbah


    Spheres Knowledge, Lived Spirituality, Community, Service

    The Friday khutbah is the main service of the week. It covers various different topics linking back to the Quran and Sunnah. It starts at 1pm and consists of a 25 – 30 min sermon followed by a prayer. Click the image above for information and videos form Shaykh Yasir’s current khutbah series “Re”defining Deen.

    Fridays, 1 pm

  • Friday Nights at the Mosque

    Friday Nights at the Mosque

    Spheres Knowledge, Lived Spirituality, Community, Service

    The night where the ISBCC is transformed to nourish our spiritual hearts, to build strong bonds among our brothers and sisters, and to grow us in the four spheres of the Prophetic life – knowledge, lived spirituality, community and service.

    Fridays, 7 pm

  • Classes

    Seekers of Knowledge

    Spheres Knowledge

    The ISBCC offers classes throughout the year for those seeking to broaden their knowledge of Islam. For more information click here

  • Team Fajr

    Team Fajr

    Spheres Lived Spirituality

    TeamFajr is an experience that is designed to transform the way we understand the spiritual practice of the morning prayer. Join your community as we pray together to Allah in the early morning hours, practice important remembrances (adhkar), recite the Holy Qur’an in small men and women circles, and finish with a communal breakfast.

    Every other Sunday. Check the programs calendar for details.

  • Sisters Halaqa

    Sisters Halaqa

    Spheres Knowledge, Community

    Weekly discussion group (for college students and young professionals) with Ustadha Janan Delgado. Group aims to discuss contemporary issues impacting our spiritual and social life as Muslim women and to reflect on them in light of the Prophetic spirit.

    Every other Sunday. Check the programs calendar for details.

  • Team Fajr

    Neighbors for Neighbors

    Spheres Service, Community

    The Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said: “The best of companions with Allah is the one who is best to his companions, and the best of neighbors to Allah is the one who is the best of them to his neighbor.” The ISBCC hopes to be a great neighbor to our Roxbury neighbors. We will be devoting the majority of our civic engagement activities to our Neighbors for Neighbors. Our goal is identify 3-4 advocacy or service projects that really benefit our neighbors.

  • Event Calendar

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  • Shaykh Yasir Fahmy

    To learn more about ISBCC’s Senior Imam, Shaykh Yasir Fahmy click here

  • Religious Services

    The ISBCC offers nikkah, janaza and many other religious services. From information click here

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